• A framework for collaborative data sharing and processing in edge-cloud computing.
  • Programming interfaces for developing on the collaborative edges.
  • An easy way for implementing computing flow.


Sofie is a smart operating system for the Internet of Everything, sitting between devices and services, as both a service provider of the upper layer and a hardware manager for underlying devices, to provide high-quality data through well-performed things. For the Internet of Everything, Sofie is the brain that manages data, devices, and services. For service practitioners, Sofie is capable of reducing the complexity of development by offering an abstracted data access interface. In regard to functionality, Sofie is divided into two layers: the things management and data management.

EdgeCOPS: Edge Computing for Public Safety


Edge Video Analytics for Public Safety


A smart real-time prehospital comm. system for EMS


Firefighting Assitant SysTem


We envison that a future vehicle will be a computing and communication platform, and propose to develop an Open Vehicular Data Analytics Platform (OpenVDAP), which is a full stack sollution for the future vehicle computing, consisting of four components:

  • Heterogeneous vehicle computing unit: it consists of heterogeneous devices, such as the GPU and FPGA.
  • Operation system: an operation system will be provided to elastically manage polymorphic services.
  • Driving data collector and integrator: this service collects data generated by the vehicle, (e.g., OBD data and videos) and integrates data from Internet, e.g., weather. Thus, it can provide sufficient information for other services.
  • Application library: a library for developers to build third-party services makes OpenVDAP open and easy-to-use.