Empowering Smart and Connected Communities in Detroit

  SaCCiD (pronounced as "succeed") is a new initiative at Wayne State University to accelerate fundamental understanding and stimulate basic research and education on infrastructure that integrate and operate on data from multiple sources and at multiple temporal and spatial scales, and new technologies for innovative applications and services to enable safe, smart and connected communities.

Our Apprach  The SaCCiD umbrella project consists of six thrusts: (1) Connected health; (2) Public safety; (3) Environment; (4) Intelligent urban traffic management;  (5) Efficient Food//Energy/Water distribution, and (6) The DISCO infrastructure. DISCO is the foundation and core computing infrastructure of SaCCiD, and serves as a "living lab", integrating both historical and real-time data collected by all type of sources, including human sensors, and providing both backend and edge computing resources for innovative applications and services in the community.

More information will come soon!

Equipment and Facility

Intel Internet of Things Innovators Lab
    NSF GENI WiMAX Research Network in Metro Detroit
    NSF Multi-Institutional Open Storage Research Infrastructure (MI-OSiRIS)
    NSF PORTAL: Power- and Thermal-aware Computing Laboratory
    Geospatial Determinants of Health Outcomes Consortium (GeoDHOC)



Sponsors and Partners

            DFD  DPD     

We are actively seeking collaboration and partership with local government agencies, communities, and private sectors. If you are interested in joining the project, please contact